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8 Iranian missile launches since nuke deal signed, expert tells US Congress
In the 10 months since the Iran nuclear agreement was signed, the Islamic Republic has increased the frequency of its ballistic missile testing, according to researcher Michael Elleman, who testified before a US senatorial committee this week. [ No Comments ]

European Parliament
Plans to create an EU army 'kept secret' from UK voters
Plans to move towards the creation of a European army are reportedly being kept secret from British voters until the day after next month’s referendum. [ No Comments ]

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Senate Appropriations Committee Approves $600 Million in Israeli Defense Funding
The Senate Appropriations Committee easily approved $600 million in funding for Israeli missile defense programs Thursday, moving the legislation to the floor for a full chamber vote. [ No Comments ]

Egypt seeks to advance own Israeli-Palestinian peace initiaitve
While France has pushing for an international peace summit in Paris in an effort to restart negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, Egypt has been working behind the scenes on its own diplomatic initiative. [ No Comments ]

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Long-Dreaded Superbug Found in Human and Animal in U.S.
The antibiotic resistance factor MCR, which protects bacteria against the final remaining drugs of last resort, has been found in the United States for the first time—in a person, and separately, in a stored sample taken from a slaughtered pig. [ No Comments ]

Microchipping your children could happen 'sooner rather than later,' NBC reports
We don't think twice about having the vet put microchips in our dogs and cats if they can help reunite a missing pet with its family. But how willing would you be to have a microchip embedded in your children in this age of Amber alerts? [ 7 Comments ]

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Donald Trump Wins GOP Nomination
Donald Trump secured the number of delegates needed to win the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday. [ No Comments ]

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Egypt: Human rights activist arrested
A well-known Egyptian human rights activist was arrested at his home in Cairo last week. [ No Comments ]

Vietnamese pastor's wife mistreated, beaten
Earlier this month, the wife of an imprisoned pastor suffered severe mistreatment at the hands of Vietnamese authorities. [ No Comments ]

Iranian agents detain Christian leaders
Earlier this month, agents from Iran's Ministry of Security raided the homes of Christian leaders in the city of Rasht. [ No Comments ]

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